Taking care of our daily nutrition needs

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For healthy living nutrition is a must. We are often so busy with our lives that we do not take care about other’s opinions about nutrition and what certain nutritious food can do to our body. On a very personal level, I was very callous was eating the right diet and acquiring the proper nourishment that my body requires. I used to have two pieces of bread for breakfast before rushing to college and then during lunch, all I would eat was a burger. I also did not think it important to drink water and soon, I got affected with Jaundice. A few important days of my life on the hospital bed, was threatening. I discovered that nothing can be more important than health and I started taking greater amount of interest in nutrition.

What do we know about nutrition?

Though we have all lerant about nutrition in our school textbooks, most of us are still confused with the idea. It basically refers to the supply of materials to the body which helps in keeping the body cells active and alive. When people are admitted to hospitals and are too sick in take in food orally, they are provided with a tube to transfer nutritious foods to the body. If the right amount of nutrients is supplied to the body at the right time, then the body’s immunity will grow stronger and it will grow strong enough to fight diseases. With the help of a healthy diet, people are able to fight diseases in their body. It also helps in the prevention of diseases. Often, in the attempt of losing extra weight from the body, people compromise on nutrition. It is a very wrong concept and those who are eager in losing weight should go for pure garcinia cambogia.

Important nutrients for the body

There are a few important types of nutrients that are very essential for the body. If one reads the rush nutrition, he will be able to understand that taking this weight loss supplement is not sufficient and following a nutritious diet is very important for a good, healthy and toned body. While talking about nutrition, it is important to know about the chief nutrients that the body requires. First of all, carbohydrates are a very important nutrient and this nutrient is made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The top carbohydrates include polysaccharides, sisaccharides and monosaccharides. Since, polysaccharides are more complex than the other carbohydrates; they are better preferred as perfect carbohydrates for the human body. The concept is that the more complex a particular carbohydrate is, the more time it will need to break down and hence blood sugar levels will be within control. If blood sugar levels are kept at normal, there would be less changes of vascular and heart diseases. The next important nutrient for the body is protein and they are body building foods. They comprise of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Simple proteins are called monomers and they help in making complex proteins called polymers. Thus, a person’s capability to repair worn out tissues improve. When the proteins break down in the blood, they release nitrogen which is given away by the kidneys. Most people are of the conception that in order to lose weight, one needs to get rid of fat completely. But, that is not true. Our body requires some amount of fat. They are simple compounds and should be taken in minute quantities through food. Fats supply energy when food intake in the body is lessened. But, they should also not be allowed to pile up, otherwise health problems won’t be far.


How important is right food for us?

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We all believe that giving fat-free foot and a rigorous exercise schedule can help us stay slim and fit. A lot of us do not understand the concept and many overdo it. The keyword is nutrition. If we are able to provide our body with the right type of nutrition then there will never be any need to go on diets. A proper balanced diet helps in maintaining the right weight and thus, we are able to live healthily and always high in energy. My nutritionist is of the opinion that the nutrition is like putting the right amount of fuel in different cars. We are all very different from each other and so is our body requirement. Thus, it is very important to get our nutrition requirements right and work accordingly.

Advantages of maintaining a proper and nutritious diet

There are more advantages of proper nutrition that we actually give it credit for. My parents have always guided me properly about nutrition and food. They were always very concerned about my health and hygiene and therefore I learned to eat healthily from a very young age. Vitality is very important for my career and being a journo I need to be out on field for long hours. The nutritious diet that I have every day helps me to retain energy and maintain the right weight which is perfect for me. A proper nutritious diet helps me to boost my immune system. Thus, I am free from any health disorders and remain in the best of health all year round, something which my colleagues cannot claim. I indulge in sports during the weekends and unlike my playmates, do not get tired quickly. My father being a doctor has always alerted me about the right kinds of food. For this reason, even though he is hitting 55, he is still fit and active and does not look as old. There is no amount of fatigue or tiredness of signs of signs of aging in him, which is usually noticed in people of this age.

Important facts about nutrition

Dieting is out and healthy eating is in. There is no point sacrificing your bread, pasta and potatoes and they are very important for good health. But, it should be taken in right quantities. High fiber in our diets is very important and they are helpful in managing cholesterol levels and preventing gallstones. Hence, eat your food right.


How can one maintain proper nutrition?

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Nutrition is a popular subject of study today as by the day, people are becoming more and more alert about food and what they should be eating and what they shouldn’t. I am currently pursuing a course in nutrition and I am stunned by the interesting facts that I am getting to know. Improper nutrition can cause obesity which is a killer. We don’t understand how many extra calories we consume during the day and when the striking difference in eight is noticed, we go bonkers.

What can cause obesity?

There are several factors on which obesity depends. The common factors behind obesity are medical problems, high fat intake, age, gender, stress, psychological factors, physical inactivity, culture and genetics. These few factors have to be kept in mind while deciding the right nutritious diet for you.

Perfect nutrition

If you feel you have stable weight, then you need to balance your intake of vegetables and meat. Those who are willing to lose weight, then the carbohydrate content has to be reduced and it should be replace with lean protein. Protein intake supplemented with large quantities is the best form of nutrition for a body which is high on fat. Consult a nutritionist for further help.


The basics of nutrition

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There are few important things that one has to take care of in order to ensure proper nutrition. It is more important than anything else we do as a proper health and lead to success. I have always tried to ensure that my kids receive the right nutrition so that they never lose stamina whenever they need it. The nutrition and diet tips which I have picked up from my mother all my years come to use when I take care of my children’s health. We never know how simple things count. So, I would like a share a few important tips which have always come handy for me.

Having a complete and solid breakfast

Children and working professionals are always in a hurry. They do not find it at all important to sit down and have a sumptuous meal every morning. Breakfast, according to me is the most important meal of the day. Since, one breaks the night-long fast with it; it should have the most nutritious stuff inside it. I believe there is no need to make a conscious effort to eat a fat-free diet. A simple breakfast of oat bran, or eggs and bread or pasta along with a fruit, is very good to start a day. So, make sure you have a complete breakfast before you leave home every morning.

Cut down on French fries or soda

A lot of teenagers say that they are in perfect weight, so why should they not have junk food. Junk food slows down the system and the metabolism does not take place properly. Eating, sodas, ice-creams and chips and burgers in mid-days do not leave enough space for lunch. Moreover, they excite the fat cells of the body and we cannot even imagine the calorie intake it triggers in our body.